A network for accountants to flourish

We want to collectively empower our accounting partners with a collaborative network of shared resources and innovative capacity solutions to help everyone thrive.

We believe in
lifestyle design

Together, our accounting partners aspire to empower every member to create their most beautiful and authentic life.

Being a Bentley Crescent accountant makes lifestyle design possible, where we get to choose when, where, and how we want to work, set our own income bar, and how much free time we have to pursue our other roles in life. 

If you meet the following requirements,

join us in pursuit to create a
beautiful life

qualified accountant

registered with an accounting body

an active tax practitioner

you love accounting

Shared Tools

We use of the best software platforms that make running a remote digital practice a breeze. And we’re offered usage of these at better costs when we band together and achieve economies of scale.

Capacity Solutions

Collaborating and working with the same methods, rates and platforms, allow us to swiftly outsource work between one another. So that our clients are always looked after, even when life happens.

Continuous Learning

At Bentley Crescent, we cultivate growth mindsets. In the progressive world that we live in, it’s exciting to evolve by learning new skills and keeping up to date with trends and compliance. 

Soft Skills

These are the qualities we don’t get taught in university, and we believe that practising to master these skills makes the difference between a standard practice and an extraordinary one.

Resource Support

In the world of accounting and tax, it’s hard to be an expert in every field. It’s nice to bounce ideas off one another, and more rewarding to work together. It takes a village to run a successful practice; we are your tribe.

Asset Library

Sharing is caring, that’s why we bring you all the legal, marketing and operational tools and frameworks ready for you to plug into and create your magic.

We  love xero

Xero has revolutionised how we do accounting, and we are proud advocates of this incredible software, and here are a few reasons why:

always evolving by releasing new features

a wide array of 3rd party apps that seamlessly integrate and adapt across all industries

user friendly for an enjoyable experience for all

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