Leading cloud-based software providers bring restaurants a complete suite to manage and grow their businesses.


South Africa, 10 November 2022: Local accounting practice Bentley Crescent has partnered with TablePOS to solve operational and admin challenges for restaurants in South Africa.

Manually running restaurant operations becomes tedious with time-consuming inventory management data inputs, making cash-up mistakes, collating receipts from payment gateways and ensuring those revenues end up in your bank account.

Accounting subject matter experts, Bentley Crescent, brings South Africa’s most powerful cloud-based restaurant software, Xero, TabletPOS, Dext, and Roubler, together to help business owners and restaurant managers efficiently manage daily operations saving time, driving efficiency and creating more growth opportunities.

Each program caters for different restaurant needs:

– Bentley Crescent uses Xero, a revolutionary accounting software that makes it easy to keep the line of sight into valuable data helping restaurant owners and managers make data-driven accounting choices and stay up to date with compliance to avoid penalties.
– TabletPOS is a truly mobile, cloud-based POS that works flawlessly in “Offline mode” without needing an expensive on-premise server. Internet downtime or Load shedding won’t stop restaurants from doing business.

The POS is the starting point of a restaurant’s entire management system: they can take orders, produce food, manage tables, and easily accept payments with a flexible and user-friendly interface.

– DEXT streamlines supplier account management and makes manual data entry a thing of the past by accurately extracting information from all client cost documents via the mobile app or email. The software uses automation and AI to publish this data to the right place in the accounting system. Say goodbye to lever arch files and hardcopy paperwork, it’s as easy as taking a photo of a supplier invoice.

– Roubler is South Africa’s leading cloud-based workforce management, HR and payroll software, with everything you need to recruit, onboard, roster, manage and pay staff in one seamless system.

For restaurants who are ready to streamline their operations and drive profits while minimizing losses, they can get in touch with Bentley Crescent to start growing.